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Eritaj Foundation Inc

 Eritaj Foundation, a community foundation based in Massachusetts, has promoted human and community development in Haiti since 1999. Our partners, churches, schools and health centers, have served thousands of children, youths and their families, providing education, spiritual guidance and resources, health prevention and economic development, highly needed to heal the country's wounds.

We have published the Eritaj Chronicle Newsletters for over 8 years, showcasing the hard work of our partners, an expression of the acute need for greater collaboration among Haitian institutions to solidify the society's fabric. Big and small, local and international, with or without a decent budget, with expert or managing by groping along neophytes, nearly all NGOs and NPOs working in Haiti have benefited from Eritaj's engagement in crafting a legacy of hope for a Better Haiti.

Archipel University Business English Center, an offshoot of the Eritaj Foundation, holds the tenet that charity will be a greater burden to Haiti, instead of producing the initial results hoped for.  We observe, after nearly two decades of immersion and practice, that a fine-tuned practical education coupled with core values that Haitian citizens have traditionally hold dear, will be the significant vector of change for communities around the country.

The journey is unfolding with all of life's delightful surprises and occasional failures.  Yet, we carry on! We invite you to partake in making history with the first English higher education system in the country. We know that as a student, faculty or participant, your own journey can be enhanced and find a meaning in this labor of love.

Link in with us for a better, stronger generation of leaders for Haiti!

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