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                                                                                                                         Training of Trainers - TOT              Equipping Qualified Student Practitioners to Lead            November 6-27, 2021

Work Study Opportunities

The SPs are expected to have the

basic qualifications: reading and speaking English; a clear sense of purpose; sound leadership skills; submit all papers on a regular basis

and providing support to satellite schools as needed.

Memo of Understanding

The literature explains rationale and how the WSS program functions.

Student Practitioners are expected to thoroughly review the contractual agreement between the  Archipel University and the students.
This document is provided in French and English and each practitioner must agree to and sign it.



 1. Practitioner successfully enrolls and completes the TOT workshop.

2. Practitioner aligns/recruits a team of three managers to set up the HISO program in his/her region.

3. Practitioners reviews the detailed description for the Work Study position.

Online Portal

The Schoology portal is the virtual classroom that all students practitioners, work study students, managers and faculty members must use to interact with their teachers and with peer students.

During the three-week TOT training, SPs will utilize and develop a good understanding of the platform. 

Tuition & Financing

Our tuition form shows the fees based on expenses associated with operational costs and
teachers's resources - in order to function at standard /regular level, at our affiliated Centers.
SPs introduce scholarships, work study and loans program available to be as inclusive as




See list of items on the TOT Curriculum. 


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